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My architectural and landscape photography appears in A PEOPLE'S GUIDE TO THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, 86 photos!.

Internet professional with 27 years of experience leading web systems development for startups, Top 20 websites, and Fortune 500 companies. Information architect and internet entrepreneur with a masters degree from UC Berkeley, School of Information.


  • I've played in bands in San Francisco playing harmonica, guitar, and flute since 1990.
  • Travel the remote desert Southwestern US (Grand Canyon, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Eastern Sierra) for photography and sanity
  • Co-produced a public access tv show, Haight-Free TV which ran once a month for 3 years.

I killed my account on Facebook, March 20, 2012. So you won't find me there. Read You Are Not A Gadget by Jeron Lanier if you're curious why.

My final project for my masters at UCBerkeley School of Information was entitled "The Language of Creativity" where I looked at how language plays an integral part of the innovation process for software engineers.

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